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سأخبر الله بكل شيء

A kid, from Syria, before dying said: “سأخبر الله بكل شيء” . It translates to: “I am telling god about everything”.

Imagine being a kid, living through war, being old enough to know about all the people who passed away, then imagine being aware that you are now dying. Imagine, having an innocent child’s mind and thinking that somehow God doesn’t know about what’s going on. It must be so, so you want to assure your parents that you will tell god, personally, and you will tell him everything…
Or imagine saying it in an accusatory tone: I am ratting you out, you grown-ups and politicians. I am telling god everything.

That sentence stays with me. I am sure it will for a long time. I want to keep this picture saved here, in case one day, I want to come back to it and the internet no longer has it.