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Movie Night from around the world

I am not a big movie person. Usually, I would watch if a friend is watching or just so I know people’s favorite movies (in the same way you can ask about their favorite desert).

Over time, friends form all over have recommended some movies. Here is the list.
The selections answer two questions:

  • “what is a personal favorite movie?” – I am looking to get to know my friend, not the movies.

  • “what is the best or quintessential movie to watch from x country?”

  • There is also another criteria, which is that the move has to be availble to buy/access/stream in the US.

Movies by country

  • Bangladesh: Sincerly Yours, Dhaka (Neflix)
  • Brazil: Bacurau
  • Brazil: The Edge of Democracy (Netflix)
  • India: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (Netflix)
  • Lebanon: Very Big Shot (Netflix)
  • Lebanon: Capernaum

French movies

  • Les petits mouchoirs – Francois Cluzet
  • La French – Cedric Jimenez
  • Nos jours hereux
  • L’auberge Espagnole – Cedric Klapish
  • Fauteuils d’orchestre – Daniele Thompson
  • Pour elle – Fred Cavaille
  • Le bonheur ne vient jamais seul – James Luth
  • L’age de raison – Yann Samuel
  • Sagan – Diane Kurys
  • Paris by Klapish
  • La vie des autres – Sylvie Testud
  • Intouchable – Olivier Nakache
  • Dalida – Lisa Azuelos

Personal favorites

Personal favorites of all time:

  • Ireland: Breakfast on Pluto. It is hard not to cry every time.
  • Japan: Seven Samurai – that is because I watched it with a friend, sitting upside down on a sofa in the UAE.