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The small joy of building mechanical paper models (Karakuri).


The small joy of building mechanical paper models (Karakuri).

Good Reads - my year in review (2019)

Good Reads sent me an email with my personalized reading stats for 2019. It is cute, but it made me realize that I added to my “want-to-read” list more than I actually read. Here is the list, my favorite book and some random thoughts.

Favorites from O'Reilly Book Covers

“A short history of the O'Reilly animals - how lions, tigers, and tarsiers went geek” is a fascinating article that explains how the O'Reilly book covers came to be. I've read a lot of O'Reilly books over time and I kinda became attached to some of those lions, tigers and pythons. Here are my favorite.
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Suggesting an open file format for videos created by algorithms.

The end of reality, an article by The Atlantic, made me think that we need a new file format for videos generated by algorithms.
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Memory Box

سأخبر الله بكل شيء

The story of the Syrian kid that I can't get out ouf my mind.
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data + code

A git post-merge hook to turn vanilla github markdown files into hugo posts

I needed to convert a bunch of “README” markdown files on github to hugo posts, so I created a git hook to do that for me Here it is.

Population Pyramids in Lebanon and the MENA region

Creating little GIFs out of population pyramid images and looking at the data for the Arab World.
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