Mireille Raad

Theather: Kings

An Audio Play by Studio Theater


The small joy of building mechanical paper models (Karakuri).

Favorites from O'Reilly Book Covers

“A short history of the O’Reilly animals - how lions, tigers, and tarsiers went geek” is a fascinating article that explains how the O’Reilly book covers came to be. I’ve read a lot of O’Reilly books over time and I kinda became attached to some of those lions, tigers and pythons. Here are my favorite.
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Suggesting an open file format for videos created by algorithms.

The end of reality, an article by The Atlantic, made me think that we need a new file format for videos generated by algorithms.
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Memory Box

سأخبر الله بكل شيء

The story of the Syrian kid that I can’t get out ouf my mind.
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data + code

All the Ifs

A virtual sigh and a post about the funny differences or similarities in the syntax of programming languages. Demonstrated with if conditions, coded in languages that were created more than 30 years apart.
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cheat sheets