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Kings, a free audio play by Studio Theather.

Kings is a play from “Studio Theather” in Washington DC. You can listen to it on this link

Here is the description:

“Newly elected congresswoman Sydney Millsap arrives in DC armed with her ideals and sense of duty, and refuses to play by the rules of special interests—or her own party. Kate’s a lobbyist who backs winners. The two collide in the audio adaptation of the lacerating comedy Studio produced just after the last midterms. As the dust settles from the 2020 elections, Kings is a shrewd look at where power really sits in our government."

If you are rolling your eyes and thinking this is too boring and soooo DC, I promise that it is not.

The audio format works. I felt that I am listening-in to a series of conversations. In a strange way, it felt like snooping. This ended-up feeling richer than listening to a podcast for example.

I am glad that Studio did not make the play into a video production. That is how well the audio works.